Department of Family and Community Services

Current levels and trends

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The rest of the chapter describes the current status of NSW women in the topic areas listed above and the direction of change over time, where time series information is available. The latest available data is used in each case; the year in which data is collected as well as details about the source is shown for each indicator.

For some indicators the data for population subgroups used in the 2012 Women in NSW Report is not available. This is the case for the remoteness classification (ARIA) used to show rural/urban differences. As a result, comparisons with other subgroups have been given. In the case of the indicator on participation in adult and community education, no new data is available since the publication of Women in NSW 2012. Last year’s data is shown below and is not repeated in the body of this year’s Report.

Indicator Women in NSW 2012 Source
Participation in adult and community education Women make up 67% of enrolments in government-funded adult and community education courses in NSW. Adult and Community Education Statistics. Department of Education and Communities, unpublished data.