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Gender indicators: health and wellbeing topics and indicators

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In this chapter, women’s experiences are reported against five health and wellbeing topics of importance for women. Many indicators align with state, national and international frameworks and these linkages are shown under Health and wellbeing topics and indicators below. They will also feature in the new NSW Health Framework for Women’s Health released in 2013.

Health and wellbeing topics and indicators

Topic Indicators Linkages
Topic 1: Injury and disease 1.1 Long-term health conditions
1.2 Potentially preventable hospitalisations
1.3 Fall-related injuries
1.4 Major work-related injuries and diseases
ABS Gender Indicators, Australia
NSW 2021 Goal 11: Reduce potentially preventable hospitalisations
Topic 2: Social and emotional health 2.1 Psychological distress
2.2 Intentional self-harm
2.3 Experiences of neighbourhood connection
2.4 Asking neighbours to care for a child
NSW 2021 Goal 11: Improve outcomes in mental health
ABS Gender Indicators, Australia
Topic 3: Use of health services 3.1 Perceptions of health care
3.2 Difficulties in accessing health care
NSW 2021 Goal 11: Increase patient satisfaction
Topic 4: Feeling healthy and healthy behaviour 4.1 Health status
4.2 Smoking
4.3 Risky drinking
4.4 Overweight and obesity
4.5 Eating fruit and vegetables
4.6 Physical activity
NSW 2021 Goal 11: Reduce smoking rates; Reduce risk drinking; and Stabilise and then reduce overweight and obesity rates
NHMRC National Dietary Guidelines
National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults
Topic 5: Sexual and maternity health Focus Topic 5.1 Chlamydia
Antenatal and maternity health, women in NSW