Department of Family and Community Services

How does NSW compare?

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The ABS publishes the Gender Indicators Australia series every six months. It sets out a range of indicators against some of which it is possible to examine how women in NSW are faring compared with all women in Australia. Detailed information is contained in the Appendix.

Based on these indicators, the health outcomes of NSW women are very similar to those of other women in Australia. In most cases the gap is around one percentage point or less.

The largest gap relates to NSW women’s levels of exercise which in 2011-12 was nearly 3 points lower than for Australian women as a whole. Nearly 76 percent of NSW women 18 years old and over have a ‘low’ or ‘sedentary’ level of exercise. Among NSW men the level was much lower (62 percent).

NSW women’s smoking rate has declined since 2007-08, currently opening up a small (2.2 percentage point) gap compared to Australian women more generally