Department of Family and Community Services
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Scope and structure of the report

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The Report is structured around five topics that are central to women’s life experiences. These are:

In addition, a demographic profile of NSW women (Chapter 1) describes current trends in women’s age, fertility, family and household arrangements and highlights the diversity of the NSW female population.

Key statistics, descriptive analysis and a focus topic of interest are presented for each topic.

Sources where the reader can find more information are given in the text and in the References at the end of the Report. Where possible, the information presented has four dimensions which are summarised below.

The gender difference

Women’s status compared to men

Trends over time

The direction and pace of progress in gender equality

How does NSW compare?

Contrasting NSW and Australian women’s experiences

Tracking subgroups of women

Comparing specific groups of NSW women (for example, Aboriginal, rural and regional women, women from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, specific age groups and women with a disability)

The Report does not deal with government achievements or program outcomes. However, its topics and indicators are aligned to the Government’s commitments to the people of NSW through NSW 2021, the State Plan.