Department of Family and Community Services

Gender indicators: Leadership

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In this chapter, women’s experiences with leadership are reported against five topics of importance for women. Many indicators align with state, national and international frameworks, and these linkages are shown in the table below headed Leadership topics and indicators.

This year, we have included some new indicators that did not appear in Women in NSW 2012. These have been included either because of the availability of new data, for example on women leaders in the community sector (Topic 4) and in companies listed on the ASX 500 index (Topic 3), or because an area we touched on last year is explored in more detail, such as leadership in the education professions (Topic 5).

Leadership topics and indicators

Topic Indicators Linkages
Topic 1: Electoral representation 1.1 Candidates for election
1.2 Elected representatives
ABS Gender Indicators, Australia
United Nations Gender Inequality Index
OECD Gender Equality Indicators
World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Index
Topic 2: NSW public sector leadership 2.1 NSW Government boards and committees
2.2 Senior Executive Service roles in the NSW public sector
ABS Gender Indicators, Australia
NSW Treasury Circular 10/05, 6 May 2010
World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Index
Topic 3: Leadership in the private sector 3.1 Board directors of NSW-based ASX 500 companies
3.2 Senior executives in NSW-based ASX 500 companies
3.3 Board directorships in NSW-based ASX 200 companies
3.4 Business owners
ABS Gender Indicators, Australia
OECD Gender Equality Indicators
Topic 4: Leadership in the community sector 4.1 Directors of community sector organisations
4.2 Senior managers of community sector organisations
4.3 Leadership roles in State Sporting Organisations
International Working Group on Women and Sport, Sydney Scoreboard
Topic 5: Senior roles in the legal and education professions 5.1 Judges, barristers and partners principals of law firms
5.2 Principals of NSW government schools
5.3 TAFE NSW leaders
5.4 Senior academic positions in NSW universities
ABS Gender Indicators, Australia
Productivity Commission, Report on Government Services
Focus topic Aboriginal women leaders State Plan NSW 2012 Goal 26