Department of Family and Community Services

Topic 3: Leadership in the private sector

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The data in this section examines women’s leadership in the corporate sphere, focusing on their representation at the level of board directors and executive managers.

Indicators 3.1 and 3.2 present data from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s1 (WGEA)

Australian Census of Women in Leadership 2012. The data looks at board directors and executive managers of ASX 500 companies with a head office address in NSW, and relates to the 2011 financial reporting year.

Indicator 3.3 also considers board directorships, but for a smaller set of companies – those listed on the

ASX 200 – and for a more recent time period. The ASX 200 data was collated at the time of writing, in April 2013.

In Indicator 3.4 we examine women’s ownership of businesses, both small and large. 

1 Formerly known as the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency or EOWA.