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4.3 Leadership roles in State Sporting Organisations

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Current position

In NSW in 2011, 29 percent of directorships of State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) were held by women.

Gender gap

  • Women are nearly two and a half times less likely than men to hold a directorship in a NSW State Sporting Organisation.
The direction of
change over time
Data for previous years is unavailable at this time. Data on SSOs for 2012 and future years will be examined in future editions of Women in NSW.

In NSW in 2011, 20 percent of SSO presidents were women, 24 percent of SSO chief executive officers (CEOs) were women, and 16 percent of SSOs did not have a woman on their board.

SSOs in NSW are performing slightly better than their national counterparts in terms of gender equality. Amongst National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) in 2011, 23 percent of directorships were held by women, 11 percent of presidents were women, 22 percent of CEOs were women, and 17 percent of NSOs did not have a woman on their board.

Data on this indicator in Women in NSW 2012 related to the same time period – 2011 – but, as noted in that report, the data set was incomplete at that time, with data available for only 40 out of 106 funded SSOs. The data in Women in NSW 2013 is the full 2011 data set for SSOs in NSW.

State Sporting Organisations are the NSW counterparts of National Sporting Organisations. They are community organisations that receive funding from government and others to promote and control the operations of their sport in NSW. Their member organisations rely to a large degree on the contributions of volunteers. Sporting organisations play an important role, both as promoters of sports throughout the State, and as the peak bodies that oversee the operations of local sports clubs.

Year collected: 2011.
Data source: Department of Education and Communities, Sport and Recreation Division, NSW State Sporting Organisations – Sport Development Program Report 2010/11, unpublished data. More information is available at