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5.3 TAFE NSW leaders

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Directors and managers of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) NSW Institutes

Current position

As at June 2012, 57 percent of TAFE NSW Institute directors and managers were women.

Gender gap

  • There is a 14 percentage point gender gap between senior managerial staff in the TAFE system, with women ahead of men at this level.

The direction of
change over time
The proportion of women at senior management level in TAFE NSW has increased steadily since 2006, when women were 43 percent of Institute directors and managers (see Figure 5.12).

TAFE NSW is unusual in that the proportion of women leaders (Institute directors and managers) at 57 percent is greater than the proportion of women teachers.

In 2006, women made up 44 percent of total TAFE NSW teachers. This figure increased by three percentage points over six years, reaching 47 percent in 2012.

Institute directors are the pre-eminent managerial and educational leaders within TAFE NSW. They are responsible for the overall leadership of their Institute and its campuses, including management of administrative and teaching staff, the quality of educational programs, oversight of services delivered to industry and business, and relationships with other education providers.

Institute managers are employed as educational leaders and administrative managers in TAFE NSW. They have supervisory responsibility for administrative and/or educational programs and staff.

Year collected: June 2012.
Data source: NSW Department of Education and Communities, Workforce Profiles as at June for 2006 to 2012 (unpublished). More information is available at

Figure 5.12 Women TAFE NSW directors and managers, 2006-12

Fig 5.12

Population: Permanent and temporary staff only. Does not include casual staff.
Source: NSW Department of Education and Communities, Workforce Profiles as at June, for 2006 to 2012 (unpublished).