Department of Family and Community Services

Topic 1: Safety in families and households

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Indicator 1.1 presents data on domestic violence (DV) assaults recorded by NSW Police between October 2011 and September 2012, while Indicator 1.2 relates to women’s self-reporting of domestic violence through a NSW Health screening program.

It is difficult to collect reliable data on the prevalence of domestic violence, as many incidents go unreported. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) estimates that less than half of respondents in 2008-09 who had experienced domestic assault in the previous 12 months reported the incident to the police.1 More recent BOCSAR research on reasons for under-reporting of domestic violence assaults is presented in the focus topic on page 169.

The actual incidence of domestic violence amongst women in NSW is therefore likely to be greater than the figures reported in this section.

This year, in Indicator 1.3, we also examine sex disaggregated data on another aspect of family-related violence: domestic violence-related homicide and attempted murder.

1 Grech, K. and Burgess, M. (2011) Trends and Patterns in Domestic Violence Assaults: 2001 to 2010, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Bureau Brief, Issue Paper no. 61, p.11.