Department of Family and Community Services

Topic 3: The criminal justice system

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In Indicator 3.1 we analyse sex-disaggregated data for NSW on reporting rates for victims of physical or face-to-face threatened assault. We have included this data here because it indicates victims’ willingness to engage with the criminal justice process. We selected the offences of physical assault and face-to-face threatened assault because women and men make up roughly similar proportions of victims (unlike sexual assault or robbery – see Table 6.3) and the larger number of incidents increases the reliability of the data.

While Indicator 1.1 reports on victims of domestic violence-related assault, data in this topic (Indicator 3.2) examines Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs) granted by NSW Courts to a person requiring protection from DV. It also presents the geographic spread of ADVOs, based on the residence of the offender.

The focus of Indicator 3.3 is sexual assault; specifically, the progress of sexual offences through the criminal justice system up to 2011. Indicator 3.4 presents sex-disaggregated data on public confidence with the main branches of the criminal justice system: police, courts and prisons.