Department of Family and Community Services

Current levels and trends

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This section outlines the current status of NSW women in the topic areas listed in the Gender indicators: work and financial security and the direction of change over time, where time-series information is available. The latest available data is used in each case.

For some indicators no new data is available since the 2012 Women in NSW Report. In this case, indicators are not repeated in the body of the chapter but are listed in the box below.


Women in NSW 2012 figure

Labour force participation of female carers

43% (primary carers)

57% (all carers)

Employment rate of female carers

42% (primary carers)

54% (all carers)

Government pension is main source of income (female carers)

42% (primary carers)

53% (all carers)

Volunteer rate (in last 12 months)

40% (women)

33% (men)

Rate of reliance on pensions in old age

82% (women)

75% (men)

Median superannuation balance (all people)

$18,238 (women)

$30,555 (men)

Median superannuation balance (people aged 45 to 60 years)

$26,142 (women)

$55,143 (men)