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5.1 Average weekly earnings

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Average weekly ordinary time earnings for full-time adult employees (AWOTE)

Current position

As of November 2012, NSW women working full-time ordinary hours earned $1,246 each week on average, compared with $1,487 earned by men.

Gender gap

  • Men in NSW earned 16 percent or $241 more each week than women in 2012.
The direction of
change over time

The gender gap in NSW in the latest data was two percentage points greater than the 2011 figure of 14 percent reported in Women in NSW 2012.

There has been a slight downward trend in the AWOTE gender pay gap since 1995, but the figures fluctuate considerably year to year.

Discussion Comparing women’s and men’s earnings is a complex task, as women are less likely to work full-time and long hours. Ordinary time earnings for fulltime workers is one way to compare like with like, as it relates to the amount before any overtime or bonuses are taken into account.

Average weekly earnings refers to the gross (before tax pay) of employees, and are exclusive of amounts deducted by salary sacrifice. Adult employees are those employees 21 years of age or over and those employees who, although under 21 years of age, are paid at the full adult rate for their occupation.

Year collected: 2012.
Data source: ABS (2013) Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, Nov 2012. Cat no. 6302.0. More information is available at