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5.3 Public service annual earnings

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Median full-time annual earnings for women and men in the NSW public sector

Current position

In 2011-12, the median salary for full-time women public sector employees was $73,256 which was 99 percent of the equivalent male salary ($74,302).

However, the gap in actual take-home pay is 27 percentage points when gross earnings (taking into account part-time work) is calculated.

Gender gap

  • There was a $1,046 or 1 percent gap between full-time women and men in the public sector in 2012.
The direction of
change over time

Data from the NSW Pay Equity Audit was used in last year’s Report and is not comparable with this year’s data which is for the public sector as a whole, not just the public service (see below).

Historical data comparable to this year’s data is available for 2009-10. At that time, the gender pay gap was 4 percent, three percentage points greater than in 2011-12.


The gender pay gap in the NSW public sector appears to be disappearing when the base salary for positions held by women and men is considered.

However, as with the NSW workforce as a whole, the gender pay gap is much larger if actual take-home pay is considered as opposed to full-time base salary. The Women in NSW 2012 Report noted that the actual take-home pay gap was 28 percent, similar to the 27 percent reported in the public sector.

Indicator 5.3 measures the median rate for annual full-time base earnings reported by NSW public sector agencies as part of the annual NSW public sector workforce profile data collection. Temporary or contract workers are not included, and the earnings do not include overtime or take into account part-time work. The collection covers all agencies, including state-owned corporations and government trading enterprises. Some 332,600 full-time equivalent positions were included in 2011-12. By comparison, the 2010 data reported in last year’s Report was for the 20 percent of the workforce who work in the public service.

Year collected: 2011-12.
Data source: NSW Public Service Commission (2012) Workforce profile 2012 report. More information is available at

Figure 4.9 NSW public sector pay by sex, 2009-10 to 2011-12

Fig 4.9

Note: The dollar amounts are the base full-time earnings for the position, excluding overtime. Source: NSW Public Service Commission, annual workforce profile data collection. Population: Public sector employees, excluding temporary and contract staff.