Department of Family and Community Services

Topic 6: Financial security

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Topic 6 addresses housing stress for different populations: mature-age women and men, and single people who receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

No new data is available for the comparative size of women and men’s superannuation balances, and their source of income in retirement, which were included last year. However, these indicators provide important context for understanding housing stress data. They indicated that women are more reliant than men on government pensions and allowances as their main source of income in old age. They also show that the quantum of private superannuation that women accumulate is substantially below that which men accumulate.1

The two indicators discussed below focus on people whose housing costs are over 30 percent of their income, and are considered to be facing housing affordability stress.

1 Among 45 to 60 year olds who are retired or  approaching retirement, women’s balance was $29,000 less than men on average in 2007-08.