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Our Purpsoe

Despite the varied and critical roles that women and girls play in our communities, they continue to experience inequality, disadvantage and violence as a result of their gender.

Women NSW is the lead NSW government policy unit responsible for improving the quality of life of all women in NSW. Our purpose is to promote gender equality, and advance the social, economic and political status of women and girls of all cultures, ages and backgrounds. We achieve this by:

  • developing and implementing policies, programs and system reforms,
  • innovation and collaboration both across government and the broader community,
  • developing and collecting performance and outcomes data,
  • coordinating the reporting of domestic and family violence measures to the NSW Government.

Women NSW is the NSW Government unit responsible for developing policy and strategy in areas of:

  • domestic and family violence and violence against women,
  • women's equal rights and women's economic and social participation,
  • sexual assault and safety and justice for women.

An important part of Women NSW’s work is to conduct research, and collect and publish data on key indicators of women’s equality, as well as providing advice across the NSW Government about issues affecting women and girls.

A key example of Women NSW's work is the production of the Women in NSW reports, examining gender equity against indicators in crucial areas including:

  • education and learning,
  • safety and justice,
  • work, leadership and financial security,
  • health and wellbeing.

By ensuring all women and girls have equal opportunities to participate and achieve, we will make NSW a better place to live for everyone.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019