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2017 funded projects

The successful projects for 2017 are:

Marist Youth Care Limited

Project: Enterprising Young Women

Funding: $24,730

Marist180 will deliver two, five-day entrepreneurship workshops titled Enterprising Young Women for young women of cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The 20 participants will be offered workspace and access to business facilities to incubate their new business, and will receive post-workshop mentoring for up to 3 months. The workshops will build ideation, skill development, and capacity building; teaching young women from CALD communities important business skills such as value propositions, pricing and planning.

Young Change Agents

Project: Inspiring the next generation ‘so-tech’ entrepreneurs

Funding: $19,650

The Inspiring the next generation ‘so-tech’ entrepreneurs project delivers an inspirational and educational Start Up Challenge (bootcamp) for young women. The bootcamp brings together 80-100 young women from various NSW public schools to give them a real-life experience of starting their own so-tech (social + technology) start-up in an intense format where they will experience the entrepreneurship journey. The project focuses on young women between the ages of 14-18, from NSW-based high schools, and seeks to increase awareness of STEM and entrepreneurship in their future subject and career choices.

Richmond Valley Council

Project: Try a Trade Week and Women’s Leadership Training

Funding: $16,900

The Try a Trade Week and Women’s Leadership Training project is a two part program to support and promote local young women taking up positions in male dominated trades, and strengthening and developing women's leadership qualities. The Council will run a 'Try a Trade Week' program including payment of a White Card and safety equipment for up to 10 young women to then try a trade of their choice at the Council, in civil construction, water operations, engineering, or horticulture. The Council will also offer female staff members the opportunity to participate in Local Government Professionals Women's Leadership Training courses locally. Both these activities promote women's skills and leadership in Council.

Civil Contractors Federation (NSW)

Project: Women in Civil

Funding: $25,000

The Women in Civil project is a NSW-wide program to encourage and support women joining and remaining in the civil construction industry, with a particular focus on regional NSW. The project seeds the first year of an ongoing program the CCF will commit to. The program includes three elements: establishing a formal mentor/mentee program for 20 mentoring sets across NSW; establishing four Virtual Communities of women across regional NSW; and profiling women in CCF NSW Publications. The project will be supported by a Women in Civil Committee, consisting of industry collaborating parties including CCF NSW, Government agencies, training bodies including TAFE, and employers.

Inverell Shire Council

Project: The W Project

Funding: $20,990

The W Project delivers leadership skills and economic empowerment to women in small business, women in leadership roles and young women. The project engages a minimum of 200 women, including Aboriginal women and 100 per cent of participants will be rural / regional women. The project delivers five skills development workshops, connecting rural women with an array of industry-leading trainers and leaders. The project is co-designed with Inverell Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and women in business, and will respond to barriers that impede the development of women's leadership in regional NSW.

Wollondilly Women in Business

Project: Wollondilly Working Women

Funding: $20,000

The Wollondilly Working Women project provides opportunities for women in the Wollondilly Shire to unite, mentor, share experiences and knowledge with a view to helping others returning or starting back into the workforce. The project provides mentoring from local business women to offer 'on the job' training in customer service, stock control, payroll, marketing, retail, office administration skills and even farm skills. Local training programs will incorporate resume building, job search and application strategies, interview skills and social media job search techniques.

City of Ryde

Project: Women’s Empowerment Boot Camps

Funding: $17,650

The Women's Empowerment Boot Camps Project provides four Boot Camps over a 12 month period for a diverse range of women in the Ryde LGA and surrounding areas. The project facilitates interactive learning, skill development and networking for women, with a range of project partners selected for their expertise, skills, networks and ability to develop pathways to empowerment for women participating in the project. Each Boot Camp specifically addresses one of four Investing in Women program objectives: Women's financial security and independence, Women in small business, Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers, and Women in leadership roles.

The Opportunity Collective Incorporated

Project: Career Women's Mentoring Program - Central Coast

Funding: $25,000

The Career Women's Mentoring Program - Central Coast aims to build leadership capacity, career planning and confidence in regional women. Through this, the project aims to increase workforce diversity, build economic stability and improve equality in the Central Coast Region. The five month program partners women in pre to middle management, with local women and men in senior leadership. Mentees will learn from Mentors and set career goals to be achieved over the duration of the program. The project delivers four workshops targeted specifically at the challenges that women face, and the areas that hold them back from achieving their career goals.

Master Builders Association of New South Wales

Project: The Economic Empowerment & Leadership of NSW Women In Male-Dominated Trades

Funding: $25,000

The Economic Empowerment & Leadership of NSW Women In Male-Dominated Trades project supports women seeking career opportunities in the building and construction industry. The project delivers tailored leadership and empowerment workshops that will enable new entrants tradeswomen and current tradeswomen to obtain the essential skills and key competencies that will empower them to establish and/or grow their trade business. The project provides access to mentoring, networking and potential career opportunities for women interested in jump starting their career and being part of the building and construction industry.

Burwood Community Welfare Service Inc

Project: The Step Stone Project

Funding: $21,500

The Step Stone project is an essential skill development program designed to empower women. The program provides accessible high-quality training in Computer Literacy and Communication Skills to women who face barriers (lack of funds, family commitments, or just being unaware of available opportunities) to gaining employability skills. The project aims to improve employment opportunities by supporting individuals to identify avenues of improvement and to gain practical work skills and work experience. The project builds community spirit and fosters inclusion.

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Last updated: 29 Apr 2020