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2019 Investing in Women Successful Recipients

Accessible Arts NSW

Project: Game-changer: accelerate your career in the arts, creative and cultural sectors

This is a professional development program for women with disability, working in the arts, creative and cultural sectors across NSW. The aim of the program is to increase the representation of women with disability in leadership roles - ie. board, artistic direction and programming, and management - through an accelerated program of one-to-one specialised leadership coaching, peer support and introductions to senior decision-makers and influencers in the arts, creative and cultural sectors.  ‍

The program is unique in that the end result will be the making of strategic connections to potential mentors and sponsors, to accelerate the participants' professional careers and representation in leadership. It will also be an evidence-based study of a mentorship model, to change the current under-representation of women with disability in leadership.

BaptistCare HopeStreet

Project: Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds will build capacity for women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds to have increased awareness and access to resources about mental health and how to access support. It will include developing specific resources for at-risk populations, and facilitating workshops to equip women with skills to use in their own communities. This project will include three phases, that will begin with working with sex workers from CALD communities one-on-one and in groups through broad outreach and from an existing client base. This engagement will inform the design of these resources and will use a strengths-based approach in its implementation.

Barnardos Australia

Project: Three Wise Women Coffee Cart

Barnardos Australia’s ‘Three Wise Women’ project is a collaborative community social enterprise providing training and employment opportunities for vulnerable Aboriginal mothers and young women with children, recently released from prison. The mobile café aims to break the cycle of disadvantage and recidivism by offering skills development, a positive career path and community connection through hospitality. The project offers:‍
1.Essential food handling/training courses
2.Paid work experience in the Three Wise Women coffee cart;
3.Work readiness workshops  ‍
4.Financial literacy and budgeting;‍ and
5.Short term (3 month) housing leases with support to move to long term stable housing.


Project: Femeconomy Connection Program

The Femeconomy Connection program is a 10 month remotely delivered and individually tailored accelerator program for female business leaders in the Northern Rivers region.

Eighty percent of positions will be reserved for female business leaders based in Lismore, Kyogle, Richmond Valley, Ballina and Grafton, with twenty percent being allocated to the Tweed and Byron regions. The program intake will ensure diversity across the following areas:

- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women
- Women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
- Young women
- Women with disability
- Older women
- Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LBTIQ) women

Fitted for Work

Project: Transgender and Gender Diverse Work-Readiness Program

This project aims to test and grow their existing Victorian Transgender Pilot Program in NSW. ‍It will offer a coordinated and streamlined suite of employment-related services, specifically for Transwomen and Gender Diverse jobseekers, that increases work readiness and results in sustainable employment outcomes.‍

The program will also focus on developing and maintaining relationships with Transgender and Gender Diverse and Non-Binary (TGDNB) community-based networks, agencies and service providers to inform them about Fitted for Work’s (FFW) services.‍

The program will use key learnings from their current Victorian pilot and utilise existing Trans Community Liaison Officer's expertise to coordinate the program.

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections

Project: Girls in Business

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections has been working with women and young women for over 30 years. They have successfully run Business Incubator Programs for women and will now be running a young “Entrepreneurship project” which will allow their 12 to 18 year old young women the opportunity to express their ideas and strengthen the skills they already have. The project sets out a business structure for young girls aged 12-18 to begin in 2019. They will be taken through four stages of creating and developing a business. Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections believes young girls need an environment conducive to learning, which will channel their energy in a constructive direction.

National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

Project: Sisters and Aunties

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence will expand their 'Sisters and Aunties' program, which will provide specialised fitness and aquatics classes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers to attend with their young children. This program recognises that this community is more motivated to engage in physical activity in a community or group setting. The program will provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by providing a culturally safe space to increase their physical activity and improve their water-safety literacy, while making valuable social connections with other women in the community. The program will deliver individual health benefits for participants.

Northern Rivers Women and Children's Services Incorporated (NORWACS)

Project: WISE Women in Social Enterprise Pathways Project

Women in Social Enterprise (WISE) is an innovative, locally run, sustainable social enterprise for women in Lismore and the Northern Rivers. ‍

The WISE Pathways Project will support the empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalised women to overcome barriers to economic participation, employment, entrepreneurial opportunities and to achieving financial self agency. ‍

This will be achieved through the creation of pathways and programs to increase confidence, and improve financial literacy and business skills in a safe and inclusive environment with ongoing support and mentoring. ‍

The Project will also promote flexible employment, work experience and skill sharing opportunities for women through Social Impact Lismore!, a network of employers, organisations and individuals committed to social change.

Penrith Women's Health Centre

Project: Learn to Swim Program for adult women from migrant and refugee backgrounds

This program consists of swimming lessons for adult women from migrant and refugee backgrounds and for vulnerable women who have not had an opportunity to learn to swim before. Women will attend a one hour swimming lesson once a week for 8 weeks during school term. The program will be offered for four school terms from July 2019 to June 2020, in total 32 weeks. The program will be coordinated by a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Community Development Worker in Penrith Women's Health Centre in partnership with multicultural services SydWest and Nepean Multicultural access.

Singleton Family Support Scheme Inc.

Project: Reclaiming My Place

Reclaiming My Place is a free eight-week arts program, facilitated by the University of Newcastle’s Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE). It is based within community and engages women who have experienced homelessness and/or interpersonal violence, as well as their caseworkers. Through the creative process, the women learn new skills, build confidence, and connect with local education and employment providers. The aim of this project is to build on an already established program, and develop a partnership between CEEHE and Singleton Family Support to extend the program to women living in the Upper Hunter Region.

Stijgen Pty Ltd (t/a Susan Burke Interactive Lessons Design)

Project: Mental Health First Aid Training in Rural and Remote NSW

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) in rural and remote NSW aims to equip women with the skills and strategies to assist people in their community who are experiencing a mental health problem. The benefits of MHFA Training include: knowledge of mental illnesses, treatments and first aid actions, confidence in providing first aid, de-stigmatising attitudes and increasing support provided to others. Having access to mental health education places emphasis on community-based care and focuses on early intervention. This project aspires to address the key issue of women's psychological health by giving access to high quality, evidence based education to women in rural and remote areas.

The Exchange Dubbo Pty Ltd

Project: The CHANGE

The CHANGE is a program designed for regional women starting and scaling businesses, east and west of the Newell Highway (in the Dubbo catchment area of 120,000 people).

Two x five hour sessions, in five towns, will address the barriers to starting or scaling businesses, including:

Building Business Confidence
Design thinking
Funding models / finance tools
Marketing / Digital Media
Business administration

One hundred attendees will work collaboratively to address the issues holding them back from commercial success, upskilling and sharing knowledge while building a support network of like-minded colleagues wanting change.

Streaming will extend the program reach and the five towns will become Startup Community Hubs.

Thrive Services

Project: The Drive Program

The Drive Program assists women who have experienced domestic violence and/or financially or socially disadvantaged women obtaining a driver's licence. Outcomes include independence to prevent them returning to the cycle of violence, and reducing isolation for women and/or families with young children who are financially or socially disadvantaged.‍

The program uses a holistic approach to empower women and increase their self-esteem and opportunities for choices across their lives and those of their children in areas such as safety, housing options, employment, education, etc.‍

Drive supports women through gaining their Learner's permit, providing a package of driving lessons and the opportunity for a supported driving experience. The program also connects women with support services and provides social opportunities for them and their family.

University of Newcastle

Project: Newcastle Women's Financial Literacy

This "Explore and Scope" project is designed to enhance women's financial knowledge, independence and security and the knowledge and responsiveness of care providers to financial issues. Collaborative consultation with community stakeholders will support development of tailored financial literacy workshops for workers and client groups including women from Indigenous; Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD); LGBTIQ+; disability, aged and youth cohorts as well as women leaving domestic violence and engaged with the child protection system. The project aims to deliver immediate economic benefits to women and girls as well as flow-on effects through improved social, health, and quality of life outcomes and more responsive support services.

Wheelchair Sports NSW

Project: HER Sports Festivals

The HER Sports Festivals from Wheelchair Sports NSW are four innovative and inspiring para-sports events designed specifically to increase participation of girls and women living with disabilities.

Built on the success of a pilot in Wheelchair Basketball, the HER Sports Festivals will expand to include a Multi-Sport, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Table Tennis event.

The HER Sports Festivals use principles from the NSW Office of Sport 'Her Sport Her Way' Strategy to design sports festivals specifically for girls and women. Critically, these Festivals have full participation pathways to follow afterwards, ensuring the creation of lasting impact.

Wheelchair Sports NSW has an upcoming event in February 2020, more information here:

Willoughby City Council

Project: Microbusiness Skills Development Program for Willoughby CALD Women

This project aims to empower Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women living in the Willoughby Local Government Area (LGA) through a microbusiness skills development program and support them to start their own micro business. The Microbusiness Skills Development Program, which includes a Microbusiness course and a Mentoring Program, will be developed and delivered in partnership with local community organisations. By participating in the project, the women will have increased confidence, knowledge and skills required for starting a micro-business in Australia; gain business networking skills; and be connected with other like-minded women in their community.

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Last updated: 29 Apr 2020