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NSW Women's Week

2020 NSW Women's Week

NSW Women’s Week has been established as a centrepiece to support the NSW Government’s commitment to improve the lives of women in NSW. Through a series of events and activities, it celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and promotes gender equality.

The week coincides with International Women’s Day, and the NSW Women of the Year Awards.

The development and delivery of NSW Women’s Week constitutes Action 3.3 of the Year Two Action-Plan of the NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022.

The specific objectives of the week are to:

  • coordinate a NSW Women’s Week to enable a broader focus, discussion and celebration of women’s achievements throughout the state; and
  • launch a grant program to increase community engagement with NSW Women’s Week.

The 2020 NSW Women’s Week is delivered by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ).

All of the week’s events and activities promote one of the three priorities drawn from NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022, which are:

  1. Economic opportunity and advancement
  2. Health and wellbeing
  3. Participation and empowerment

Events and activities for the 2020 NSW Women’s Week

Monday 2 March - Older Women's Network Inter-generational Forum

Older women are often marginalised and their role overlooked, and they may feel that younger people do not value or respect them. The Older Women’s Network (OWN) assists older women in finding networks and having their voices heard, which contributes to their sense of self and purpose. Older women in NSW have the opportunity to share their stories, through an inter-generational forum and radio program. An inter-generational forum will be hosted during 2020 NSW Women’s Week called Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, which will include a panel of women of different generations sharing their life stories. A host will cover the event and share with community radio stations in NSW, giving older women a forum to share their experiences and celebrate their achievements.

Thursday 5 March - NSW Women of the Year Awards

The NSW Women of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women across NSW to industry, communities and society. The Awards profile women who have demonstrated excellence in their career and elsewhere, women who make significant contributions in their community and young women whose achievements make them leaders in changing the social and business landscape.

Please visit our NSW Women of the Year Awards page.

Friday 6 March - Telstra Business Panel

The Telstra Business Panel is a leadership panel of female businesswomen discussing topics relevant to females in business and female financial security. The theme of the forum is Economic Opportunity and Advancement, one of three priority areas drawn from the NSW Women’s Strategy. The panel members will include a female executive from Telstra, a female executive from First State Super, and a female representing the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) space.

View the speaker's biographies here.

Inspirational Women Online Showcase

The NSW Government aims to highlight women’s stories and accomplishments to provide inspiration and a mentoring tool for other women and girls to discover their true potential. The main focus of the Showcase is women’s economic opportunity and advancement; health and wellbeing; and participation and empowerment.

This will be comprised of a video showcase of diverse, inspirational female role models and shared on the Women NSW website and social media channels.

NSW Women’s Week Grants

The NSW Women’s Week grants provide local organisations with an opportunity to deliver a range of education, mentoring and participatory activities that will provide direct benefit to local women and girls. The successful projects each demonstrated relevance to the NSW Women’s Week Grants program priorities of promoting women’s economic opportunity and advancement; health and wellbeing; and participation and empowerment.

More information is available on the grants program and a full list of successful grant recipients and their events/activities for 2019 can be viewed here: full list of 2019 successful grant recipient events and activities.

NSW Women's Week is proudly sponsored by the Cancer Institute NSW and the NSW Government.
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Last updated: 14 Oct 2019