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Jackie Dujmovic

A renowned leader in technology and innovation, Jackie Dujmovic is a trailblazer in the emerging world of drones.

In 2015 she founded Hover UAV, a company pioneering the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones. An industry leader in conservation projects, Jackie’s company is behind NSW’s first drone shark surveillance technology and developed a drone shark alarm now considered standard.

Beyond this, Jackie works with not-for-profit organisations, contributing invaluable whale research techniques. She has also set her sights on tackling the global problem of ocean plastics, in collaboration with The Plastic Tide, developing an algorithm that detects plastics on beaches. The data collected raises awareness, empowers citizens to participate in the solution and will in the future help governments take action.

Passionate about empowering and mentoring young women into STEM careers (science, technology,

engineering and math’s), Jackie is a She Flies instructor where she works with girls to code and fly drones in real-life scenarios.

Jackie has been instrumental in working with regulators and policy makers as drone technology makes its way into everyday life.

In her spare time, Jackie explores entrepreneurial ventures, speaks at industry conferences, provides consultation and advice to governments and also conducts civil marriage ceremonies.

Juliet Duffy

Nine years ago, Juliet Duffy started Regional Enviroscience, an occupational and environmental hygiene consultancy, out of her rental-property garage in Dubbo. Today, still the director, Juliet employs, more than 23 local people and provides serious career opportunities for both young and mature-aged workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math’s (STEM).

The success of Juliet's organisation has meant significant employment and economic gains for regional NSW. Importantly, it has also made the community safer by improving its access to specialized occupational and environmental hygiene expertise, normally limited to the high end of town metropolitan based consultancies and laboratories.

Juliet holds a Master of Sustainable Management from the University of Sydney and has been managing asbestos, hazardous materials and environmental issues since 1988, when the first national code was implemented.

Seen as an expert, particularly in the field of naturally occurring asbestos, Juliet is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences nationally and internationally and she frequently travels the state educating government organizations, including councils.

She takes her role as a leader in STEM seriously by mentoring young women and in her current voluntary board positions with Western Research Institute, and in the past with Regional Development Australia (Orana) and the Orana Arts.

Kristy Chong (Winner)

Kristy Chong, is a mentor, presenter, advocate for body positivity and the CEO, founder and creator of Modibodi.

Fashionable, sustainable, hi-tech, super-comfortable underwear, Modibodi replaces disposable hygiene products. For the one-in-three women with light incontinence, and for every menstruating woman, Kristy is positively changing lives.

Kristy’s goal was simple: revolutionise menstruation and incontinence and reduce the amount of single-use products ending up in landfill, damaging our environment. She is certainly doing exactly that, and then some.

From the outset, it was important for Kristy that Modibodi support women in need. Modibodi is involved in initiatives such as homeless women’s charity Share the Dignity, the McGrath Foundation and School for Life. Kristy also established the Give a Pair initiative to directly deliver Modibodi underwear to women in need and to raise funds through product sales.

Similarly important for Kristy was promoting body positivity for women and girls. Modibodi’s advertising campaigns represent women from diverse backgrounds and just as they are, that is, without airbrushing and retouching.

With international expansion on the horizon for Modibodi this year, Kristy will take her mission – to empower women and to raise awareness of the common health issues facing women – to the rest of the world.

Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller is the Director of Leadership Within, a business that provides executive and leadership development and coaching. She established her business in 2011 with a burning desire to make a difference in her community after 21 years in the corporate world.

Only a decade after leaving school early, Suzy went on to become one of the youngest, female, senior managers at one of Australia’s big four banks at the time. Suzy has managed youth leadership programs, benefiting more than 300 teenagers, and gives motivational talks to young people.

Suzy is co-founder of She Story Incorporated, a not-for-profit women’s empowerment movement and support network. In 2016, she developed a Career Women’s Mentoring Program on the Central Coast (now expanding to other regions) where women involved have cited an impressive 97 per cent boost in confidence levels and their ability to network.

Suzy contributes to her community in many ways and was recognised with a 2016 Gosford City Council Australia Day Outstanding Achievement Award.

She is a Land Leader of the Central Coast’s 5 Lands Walk indigenous cultural festival, a participant in the Cancer Council NSW’s 2018 Stars of the Coast and a mother to two beautiful children.

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Last updated: 21 Sep 2020