Department of Family and Community Services


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09 Aug 2013

Minister for Women Pru Goward today announced the establishment of the Men’s Behaviour Change Network to act as an advisory body for effective ways of working with men to reduce domestic and family violence.

“The Network will receive $31,700 over 12 months to bring together representatives from Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP) providers across NSW,” Ms Goward said.

“The Network will share information and ideas on men’s behaviour change, develop better practice and create consistency within the sector.

“It will also take a lead role in developing and facilitating training for new and existing MBCP workers, and support men’s behaviour change groups to meet the minimum practice standards set by the NSW Government.

“Promoting changes to the behaviours and attitudes of men who use violence lies at the heart of reducing domestic and family violence.

“This new body will help prevent and minimise domestic and family violence by supporting the programs that support men who use violence to change their attitudes and behaviour,” Ms Goward said.

Member for East Hills Glenn Brookes welcomed the announcement and said it was great to see many programs focused on assisting men being run locally. These services have gone a step further in tackling domestic violence by forming a network to discuss ways to prevent violence before it happens.

The Network’s Chair, Susan Geraghty, described the establishment of this body as timely. The NSW Government recently announced the Men’s Telephone Counselling and Referral Service which we know will lead to an increase in referrals for MBCPs.

“The program providers within our network welcome the increased number of participants, because we all know this will reduce domestic and family violence across NSW. But we also know that support is needed to cater for those increases, and this is where the Network can help.” Ms Geraghty said.

This announcement is part of the NSW Government’s It Stops Here: Standing together to end domestic and family violence reforms. These reforms will enable better identification and support for victims of domestic and family violence. They will also enable workers from different agencies to work more cohesively with victims facing serious threats and allow victims to move more effectively between services.