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Consent at the core of NSW’s first sexual assault strategy

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06 Jul 2018

Better community education about consent, trauma informed training and tougher accountability for perpetrators are among a range of measures to be introduced as part of the NSW Sexual Assault Strategy.

Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Pru Goward said the Strategy focuses on protecting child victims and abuse survivors, as well as preventing sexual assault and harassment in universities, TAFEs and the workplace.

Ms Goward said the views and experiences of the community and experts including university students and leaders, frontline workers and non-government organisations, informed the Strategy, which is the first of its kind in NSW.

The priority actions of the Strategy include:

  • The referral of current consent laws to the NSW Law Reform Commission
  • A multi-pronged awareness campaign to promote the obtaining of a clear yes when seeking consent to sexual activity
  • The prioritisation of adult survivors of child sexual abuse on the state’s social housing waiting list
  • Providing input into the NSW curriculum review on content related to the continuum of sexual violence
  • Asking the Mental Health Commission to review the intersections between mental health and sexual assault and abuse.

“The impact of sexual assault on victims is profound and long-lasting, and it requires a whole of community response if we are to reduce the number of incidents and the damage caused by this crime,” Ms Goward said.

“The NSW Government’s Sexual Assault Strategy proposes an integrated response that is not just focused on the crisis point of the system, but also in the critical areas of prevention and early intervention.”

The NSW Government is investing more than $200 million over four years across to respond to and support victims and survivors of sexual assault.

The Sexual Assault Strategy can be viewed online at