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Make no doubt: Consent at the heart of new campaign

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13 Dec 2018

Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Pru Goward said the #makenodoubt campaign will involve interviews, social media videos and posters.

The campaign supports the NSW Government’s Sexual Assault Strategy, a three-year whole of Government approach to reducing sexual assault and holding perpetrators to account.

Ms Goward said improving community education about consent is a key element of the Strategy, as well as supporting victims of sexual assault to feel safe and achieve justice.

“The #makenodoubt campaign is a positive way to raise awareness about the importance of seeking consent before having sex,” Ms Goward said.

“Whether it is failure to seek consent, refusal to recognise when someone cannot give consent or ignoring that refusal, consent is at the heart of the continuum of sexual offending.”

The #makenodoubt campaign was created in collaboration with the community, universities and peak bodies, including Domestic Violence NSW, Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia and students from University of Technology Sydney who shared their experiences.

#makenodoubt is the first stage of the NSW Government’s commitment under the Strategy to use community education to address the role the bystander and community can play in identifying sexual offending and speaking out.

The NSW Government is investing more than $200 million over four years to respond to victims and survivors of sexual assault.

The NSW Law Reform Commission is currently reviewing the NSW Crimes Amendment (Consent – sexual assault offences) to determine if the law needs to be amended to protect victims better.

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