Department of Family and Community Services

Violence Research

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In 2012-13 Women NSW commissioned two research studies from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics Analysis and Research.

  • Temporal trends and characteristics of intimidation
    Intimidation related to DV has increased over time. In intimidation related to DV, male persons of interest (offenders) decreased and female offenders increased, while male victims increased and female victims decreased over time. The relationship of unknown offenders differed over time, however there was no change in other relationship types. The type of intimidation and the location did not change. There was no change over time in intimidation and intimidation related to DV with a weapon, face to face contact, AVO issued/applied for, or prior AVO. See the full report to learn more about the increase in intimidation incidents.
  • Under-reporting of domestic and family violence
    Studies show that less than half the people who experience domestic and family violence (DFV) assaults report the incident to police. This project involved a telephone interview of 300 women who had been a victim of domestic violence. The sample had a strong representation of Aboriginal and rural and regional women. The preliminary findings are reported in the Women in NSW 2013 report.