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Taking control day-to-day


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Planning and saving

Help with planning your budget. Budget planner
Expert help and advice.

Get money smart

Women talk money

Saving on home-related spending

Savings finder - the NSW Government is helping ease the cost of living with more than 70 rebates and savings. Click the link for eligibility. Reduce living costs
Cost of fuel nearest to you. Check fuel prices

How to get energy smart.

Reduce energy costs

Find out about public dental health services.

Dental help

Free service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to register child’s birth.Register child's birth for free - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Making good choices

Your rights when buying products and services in NSW. Buying goods/services - your rights
Find out more about loans, credit and debt, including payday loans, credit cards and home loans. Loans, credit and debt
Information about your rights when borrowing money. Borrowing money - your rights

Money tips and resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Money tips - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Mob Strong Debt Help has financial advice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Call 1800 808 488

Financial Advice - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Information about choosing the right insurance product for you.

Choosing insurance

Get the facts about insurance, including car, home and contents, natural disasters, funeral and pet insurance.
To protect yourself from scams and cybercrime, visit NSW Fair Trading's website.

Scams and cybercrime

A practical guide if you are having problems with your home mortgage.

Call 1300 888 529

Mortgage advice

Information for new arrivals - this portal has information about settlement to help all migrants living in NSW.

Newly arrived refugees can get help to understand their legal rights and access legal services.

Moving to NSW

Refugees rights and services

Earning money

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Find information here about getting a job, returning to work, changing careers, and starting a business.

Starting/restarting/changing paid work

Getting your first job.Getting your first job
Returning to work after having a child.Returning to work

If you have lost your job, you can also get help to find a new one from the Employment Services Information Line.

Call 13 62 68

Help with your job search

Help if you lose your job

Starting a new career.New career

People with disability can get help to finding work, changing jobs and other support.

Call 1800 464 800

Job access for people with disability
Supporting financial capability for people with intellectual disability. Money tips – people with intellectual disability
Find assistance with work and pay conditions.

Work and pay

Negotiating your salary.

Negotiate your salary package

Negotiate your salary

Documents you may need to confirm your identity/open a bank account.

Prove your identity
Fees for a birth certificate.

Fees: Birth certificate fees

Fee waiver: Birth certificate fee waiver

Contacts: Birth certificate info

Driver's licence. Driver's licence info
Driver's licence assistance for disadvantaged Aboriginal people and other disadvantaged communities. Driver's licence help
Assistance with work clothes.Dress for success
Information about taxation. Australian Taxation Office - help and advice

Starting a business

Women in Business – a free online program to learn about starting or growing a micro/small business. Women in Business
Free assistance to get started.Free help to start a business
Business Connect – support to start/grow your business. Growing your business
Advice in other languages: Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean or Cantonese. Growing your business - other languages
Business structures and types. Home-based businesses
Help for home businesses. Council help for home businesses
Licensed trades and businesses. Business and trade licences
Business Toolkit for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women.Business toolkit - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
For women in rural and remote NSW.

For young farmers: Young Farmers Business Program

Do you have a great idea?: Rural Women's Award

Funding for people in the arts.

Arts funding

Arts funding - south west

Work health and safety tips. Work health and safety

If you need help because English is not your first language, use the Translating and Intepreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450. The service covers more than 150 languages. There is no charge for the service.

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Last updated: 15 May 2020