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Women in NSW Report

The Women in NSW reports examine gender equity against indicators in key areas including education and learning; safety and justice; work, financial security and leadership; and health and wellbeing.

Getting down to business - A profile of women in small business in NSW

Getting down to business thumbnail image

Increasing women’s participation in small business ownership can lead to a variety of benefits for them and their families. It can lead to improved financial returns and increased flexibility. This report provides an overview of the current status of female business ownership in NSW and considers the challenges and opportunities for women in business. Drawing on the latest data and research this report aims to encourage informed decision-making, research and discussion among public policy makers and the broader business community.

Women in NSW Report 2018

Women in NSW 2018

The Women in NSW Report 2018 is the ninth report published since 2012. It seeks to summarise and depict NSW progress towards gender equality in order to track change over time and identify emerging patterns. The report is structured around three priorities: economic opportunity and advancement, health and wellbeing and participation and empowerment. These three priorities have been identified through extensive consultation and drawn from the NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022. Areas for improvement and achievement are identified and it highlights the government’s response to challenges outlining what actions, programs, initiatives and strategies have been employed to address these challenges.

Then and Now

THEN AND NOW: A celebration of women’s achievements in NSW

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, Women NSW has identified a range of indicators that show positive trends for women in NSW. Whilst there is still much work to do, it is important to recognise the achievements of women in NSW.

Women in NSW Health and Wellbeing Report 2017

Woman smiling on the cover of the Heath and Wellbeing - Women in NSW Report series 2017

Good health and wellbeing for all are vital for women in NSW as it enhances our quality of life, improves the productivity of our workforce, increases our capacity for learning, and strengthens our families and communities. This report examines a range of issues relating to women’s health, including healthy lifestyles, maternal health, psychological health, cancer and cancer screening, coronary heart disease, and leading causes of death. Where data allows, these issues are compared across a range of variables including age, residential location, Aboriginal status, and culturally and linguistically diverse background. NSW Government investments and relevant government strategies and initiatives being undertaken to address the issues raised are also highlighted in the report.

Women in NSW Work, Leadership & Financial Security Report 2017

A young woman on the cover of the 'Work, leadership and financial security' Women in NSW Report series 2017

Work and financial security are interrelated and critical to a woman’s lifelong wellbeing. The Women in NSW Work, Leadership and Financial Security Report 2017 presents data on a series of indicators relating to the experiences of NSW women in the workforce and their experience with balancing work and caring responsibilities. It also examines data on women’s representation, as elected representatives or in leadership roles in the public and private sectors, as well as providing a gender-based overview of income and financial security.

Women in NSW Safety and Justice Report 2016

A woman grins on the cover of the Safety and Justice - Women in NSW report 2016

Women need to feel safe and be able to access justice and service responses that support their safety and wellbeing. The Women in NSW Safety and Justice Report 2016 provides an overview of women’s experiences of safety in NSW in different contexts: families and households, the community and workplaces. The Report also presents data about the criminal justice system, women offenders and women in prison. The statistics in this Report will be useful in informing the debate about where changes are needed and how we might improve women’s experiences of safety in NSW.

Women in NSW Education and Learning Report 2016

A lab technician. The cover of the Education and Learning - Women in NSW report 2016

Women in NSW 2015 Report

Women in a variety of different roles. The cover of the Women NSW 2015 report.

Women in NSW 2014 Report

Turia Pitt riding a bike next to the beach. The cover of the Women in NSW 2014 report.

Women in NSW 2013 Report

A lab technician cleaning some equipment. The cover of the Women NSW report 2013 thumbnail

Women in NSW 2012 Report

A woman dressed in safety equipment for the cover of the Women in NSW 2012 report.

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