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The NSW Government is committed to reducing barriers to women’s equal participation in leadership and decision-making roles. In NSW women continue to be underrepresented as elected representatives, and in public and private sector leadership roles.

It is well recognised that increasing the representation of women in leadership roles leads to better outcomes for everyone. Inclusive and diverse leadership teams benefit from holistic perspectives, new ideas and broad experience. This diversity of thought improves problem-solving capabilities and fosters innovation.

Women on Boards

The NSW Government is engaged in strategies that will increase the representation of women on NSW Government-appointed boards and committees. As at June 2016, women held 41.2% of NSW Government board and committee positions. Women are overrepresented in board and committee positions in five portfolio areas: women (81.3%), disability services (77.3%), mental health (62.9%), family and community services (62.7%) and industrial relations (61.1%).

The NSW Government aims to break down barriers that prevent women from joining government boards and committees and look at how we can build better networks and opportunities.

Additional information about boards and committees in NSW.

Public Sector Leadership

In NSW women account for the majority of NSW Government sector employees (65.2%), but only 36.1% of senior leadership roles.

Driving public sector diversity is one of the NSW Premier’s Priorities that aims to increase the proportion of women in the senior leadership roles in the NSW Government sector to 50% by 2025.

The Public Service Commission is leading the whole of government approach to support the NSW Government sector in delivering on the Premier's Priority.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019