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Women on Boards

By becoming a board member, you can gain valuable skills and experience, and make essential contributions to the community and the way NSW is governed.

I Want to Be a Board Member

In order to help you become board-ready Women NSW has developed a series of fact sheets outlining what is required.

If you would like to learn more about NSW Government boards and committees you can go to the Boards and Committees website. You can also join the NSW Government register of people available for appointment to NSW Government boards and committees. This is where the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet maintains a list of vacancies for NSW Government boards and committees.

I Want to Appoint Women Board Members

There is growing evidence that diversity and inclusion in leadership increases company success. Gender parity on boards positively influences the performance of organisations by faciliating higher decision quality, greater creativity and innovation.

To find out more about how to appoint women to your board read through some of the fact sheets we have prepared.

Fact Sheets

Deloitte Access Economics 2016 Towards gender parity – women on boards initiative

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Last updated: 28 Jan 2021