Department of Family and Community Services

Record investment to tackle domestic and family violence

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The NSW Government has doubled its investment in specialist domestic violence services and initiatives to more than $300 million over four years, up from $148.5 million in the 2015-16 Budget.

This is in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars the government spends each year to combat domestic and family violence through mainstream services in justice, police, health, child protection, social housing and homelessness services.

This includes:

  • $20 million for a Domestic and Family Violence Innovation Fund for prevention, early intervention and crisis responses that supports innovative crisis responses for DFV victims, as well as DFV prevention and early intervention.
  • $53 million over four years for a state-wide rollout of Safer Pathway, including 21 new sites in 2016-17
  • $25 million over four years for Staying Home Leaving Violence to assist victims of DFV to remain safely in their own home or a home of their choice.
  • $100 million over four years for housing supports through Start Safely with short to medium term help to enter the private rental market.

The NSW Government has also released the NSW  Domestic and Family Violence Blueprint for Reform 2016-2021: Safer Lives for  Women, Men and Children which sets out the directions and actions to reform the domestic violence system in NSW over the next five years.

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