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Violence against women. Let's stop it at the start.

Stop it at the Start

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There is a clear link between violence towards women, and attitudes of disrespect and gender inequality.

Even though most Australians recognise that violence against women is a serious issue, fewer people realise where the behaviours and attitudes can start – in childhood.

Adults have the strongest influence on young people’s attitudes about disrespect towards women. But when we see it in action, we tend not to get involved. Without realising it, what we say and do is shaping young peoples’ views about more serious behaviours.

A national campaign Stop it at the Start aims to demonstrate how the excuses we can make for disrespectful behaviour can impact children.

More information

Visit the campaign website for more  information and access tools including:

  • the excuse interpreter, to discover the hidden meanings of common expressions that can excuse  disrespectful behaviour towards girls
  • the respect checklist, for adults to become more aware of what boys and girls might be  thinking in disrespectful or aggressive situations
  • the conversation guide, to help parents and family members talk with young  people about the importance of respectful relationships from an early age